There’s a certain contradiction at work in this longbow. Its handle and limbs are fashioned from pristine white wood, banded in silver and ivory. The bowstring, however, is a thick, dark strand of sinew born of no earthly creature you can imagine. It bears the blackness of empty midnight. Dark burns mar the wood on the top and bottom of the bow’s nocks, as if some great conflagration had seared this foul string into place.


Brandehild Oakheel was a wise and patient elf, and prominent arcane archer. She spent much of her life with those that shared her ardor for knowledge, discovery, and, above all, justice. It was these passions of Brandehild‘s that led her directly into the depths of Hell of itself, in the company of some of the strongest adventurers the world had ever known. Brandehild and her companions had tasked themselves with recovering a relic, guarded by none other than an Archduke of Hell, swearing not to rest until it was reclaimed.

The elf ’s was never far from her iconic longbow, and from the weapon Brandehild launched volley after volley of arrows, each imbued with some of her magical power. It’s unknown what fate befell Brandehild and her allies, or whether or not they were successful in their endeavor, but one thing was known: at some point, Brandehild’s bowstring was severed.

In a grand, and gruesome, act of desperation, Brandehild restrung her longbow with the only option available – a fibrous ligament from a slain devil lord. Henceforth, the elf called her weapon Devilstring, and it served her until her dying day.

Tier (1) Abilities:

  • Magical. Attacks made with this weapon are magical.
  • Conjure Ammunition. By pulling upon the bowstring, the weapon magically conjures an
    arrow, nocked into place, ready to shoot.


Sibling Shenanigans Zenkall Zenkall