an elegant elven blade crafted from the femur of some enormous creature. Down the side of the blade, scribed in Elvish, is the sword’s name: Bloodthirst. The crossguard is set with a dark amethyst, and in place of a pommel is the natural curved structure of the bone it was forged from.

Bloodthirst is a magical longsword with the hungry quirk – it must bathe in the blood of a humanoid creature upon it to activate its qualities for 24 hours (although only a single drop is necessary).

When activated, Bloodthirst is a +1 longsword. Whenever Bloodthirst’s wielder scores a critical hit against another living creature with it, he or she gains temporary hit points equal to his or her proficiency bonus.

Once per day, when Bloodthirst’s wielder slays another living creature with it, he or she regains 10 hit points.


Sibling Shenanigans Zenkall Zenkall