Haedim Lastlight


Haedim has served the locals as a sage and apothecary for decades. He is well respected by the townsfolk for the aid he provides. The elf used to make frequent trips from his manor to town, selling his potions and offering advice or insight to those in need.

Lately, things have grown grim for the wizard. His mate, a beautiful elf named Lyonthel, became frail with illness many months ago. Haedim’s trips to town became very brief and far less frequent. When Lyonthel took a turn for the worse, Haedim became obsessed with finding a cure for her ailment. Despite his efforts, Lyonthel passed nearly a year ago, and since then the wizard has been so overcome with grief he has not returned from the manor.

Dire circumstances have brought news of the reclusive elf to the locals. For the past three days, a band of ogres has made nightly raids in the town, killing scores of guardsmen and dozens of citizens, dragging away their bodies and any valuables they can carry. These brutes come from, and leave heading towards, the Wailing Crag, leaving the townsfolk to wonder what has become of Haedirn. Whilst amid their slaughter, one ogre was overheard to laughingly boast “Your wizard is dead, you gnats!” As the townsfolk seek to defend their own, they can only help but wonder if these ogres have also slain the respected elf.

Haedim Lastlight

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