Eame Tallhat


A young alchemist’s apprentice, curious (and perhaps a bit too eager) to learn the trade. She was left in charge of Torleth’s Treasures, the shop during Torleth’s absense, which happened to coincide with the goblin raid.

Eame was concocting vials of alchemist’s fire when Gillian’s Hill was attacked. In her haste to flee, she absent-mindedly knocked a few vials over, creating a small fire in the corner of the shop. The goblins were running through the street before Eame could take time to put it out.

She has taken refuge in the nearby inn, The Grinning Troll, waiting helplessly as the shop burns. For whatever reason, the goblins haven’t entered the inn (that she’s aware), but continue to guard the street that lies between her and the burning shop.


Eame Tallhat

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