Nixys Finwyn Nyzyre Docelni Bantra Carlin


Zanjin is her fox animal companion.


Nixys lived a modest life. Originally she lived in a small burrow underground. She was the 4th of her 6 siblings. Nixys always held a yearning in her heart to leave the small enclosure underground she knew as home. It began when she was a mere 8 years of age. Her family by then had her younger brother and sister, Twins if you could believe it. Their hands were pretty full taking care of them along with the family mining business. Along with her immediate family, she had her uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents, and so forth living and providing together. Nixys found it incredibly easy to simply disappear without anyone noticing her absence. She can remember the very first time she ventured out of the simple hole, nearly blinded by the sun during mid-day. Her first look at the forest filled here eyes with the beautiful colors of the forest, she was instantly drawn to the sounds and the vibrations of the woods. Day after day she began traveling deeper and deeper into the forest, until eventually she had the entire area mapped out in her mind. Eventually she came across another gnomish community, introducing herself to a Tinker Gnome named Fenrick Grindgear. Nixys first came to him in hopes of creating goggles she had heard of to magnify objects she came across in her travels. She began studying the various plants, able to learn the poisonous, medicinal, and foods around her forest. With time she was even able to discover different land creations along with rocks shes never heard of, even though she lived underground. Once she discovered a glass figurine, she immediately took it to Fenrick and he explained it belonged to a game named Chess, and preceded to teach her the game, it soon became a small obsession.

Spending more time in the forest than her underground home, she began to learn the language of the critters she would see daily. Her family began noticing her absence more each day, and eventually confronted her about her responsibility to the family. She then made it her duty to provide for the family in every way she could, she began hunting, only taking what was necessary for her family, and thanking Nature for her Sacrifice for them. After years of debate, her family finally gave their blessing on her adventures.
Nixys began traveling for days, and even weeks at a time without return. She came across a white paper nailed to a tree catching her eye, she read the bold “Wanted” with a rough sketch of an Ogre printed on it, underneath was a Reward for more than she could have imagined. Realizing this could be her path to a better life for her family, she began searching out the wanted terrors of the world. Each reward she would bring home, keeping only what was necessary to survive.

On one of her adventures she came across a distressed farmer screaming at the forests. He was shooting at a fox bandit robbing him of his chickens. Nixys spoke with the farmer only briefly, learning this had been going on for a few weeks now. Not wanting him to harm to her fellow forest dweller , she ventured after the fox hoping to negotiate a movement as to not endanger the chickens or herself any further. Following the trail into the woods, it became apparent the farmer had in fact made contact with this fox, the blood came more in lines instead of drops. She found the Fox hole she was seeking, with the Fox inside barely alive. She crawled into the hole whispering comforting words as the fox took her last breaths. From behind a rock appeared a small bundle of whimpering red fur. Nixys took it upon herself to care for this pup, training him to survive. He became her greatest companion, Zanjin.

Together they were able to take down anything. Soon the bounty’s around her became fewer and fewer, as talk of red and white demons lingering in the forests keeping criminals at bay. With Nixys and Zanjin being so small, it was an easy task to stealth around without being heard, only a wisp in the wind.

Nixys ventured into the familiar town of Dragon Falls seeking a charm for her Zanjin, something he could wear that would protect him from harm. After finding what she thought was the perfect item, she turned to her old friend Fenrick. However finding his old shop abandoned, she asked around seeking his whereabouts. She was told he left with a group of travelers, and said he would not be returning every time soon. Curious to find her friend, she began a new quest. Nixys had been wanting to further her explorations, and this was her opportunity. She gathered a few items before venturing out of town.

Nixys Finwyn Nyzyre Docelni Bantra Carlin

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